Every first is something special

Two weeks ago, our group brainstormed for almost six hours for the different topics for our DEVC 126 requirements. It was really a draining day but we still even managed to make jokes and have fun during laboratory class. When we finalized our topics, we sent it immediately to our professor. And when she returned it, I was not sure if that was really our output because it looked like a scratch paper full with comments written in red.

One of the most important lessons taught to us in DevCom is that never treat your work as your baby. Always be open to corrections and suggestions. There will never be an instance that a first draft will be the final draft. All firsts are not perfect.

I went to my professor to have a consultation regarding my proposed topics. I got excited when she approved one of those. I wanted to jump as high as I want, scream as loud as I want but then I realized I was inside her office. She chose the topic about the Los Banos Municipal Jail products. I was looking forward on that experience because it was my first time to write a story about people behind the bars but I was also scared. I do not know what approach to make, how to talk to police, or even how to look people inside jail. I know it was kind of judgmental but I just could not help it to be scared.

Mixed emotions were felt when I went inside the jail. I can feel that all eyes were on me. They were watching my every single move. I even thought that they can hear the thoughts inside my head. I was anxious when I went to the warden’s office. I can feel my heart beating so fast and my hands were trembling. I did not know how to make it stop. I guess every first is something special. Doing this field works really make me go outside my comfort zone. I can do things that I never imagine I can. I overcame my fear of being inside a jail and talking to police.


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