More Walks and Talks


Last Monday, September 26, we went to San Pablo City Hall to initially look for contact persons and organizations that we can talk with for the subject. While looking into this track, we ventured into the tourism livelihood in San Pablo, Laguna. We went on spending the whole day on looking for stories that we can have for outputs. Eventually, we found out that Sampaloc Lake was the nearest from the City Hall. After knowing that, we went there to see for ourselves if there were social enterprises around the lake. During our small trip to the lake, it was unfortunate that we found none there.

The next day, we went back to San Pablo City Hall to look for more topics. During that day, we spent almost two hours walking around to seek stories from different sectors of the government. Then, it came the time that I found the Senior Citizen Center and recommended that I go to Nagcarlan because their livelihood program there is at the start up point and very active.

When I went to Nagcarlan, it took my at least an hour from San Pablo to get to their Municipal Hall. It was luck enough that the spearhead committee members of the Senior Citizen Training Center were there at that time. There, they went on telling the stories of how the center was formed and the successful implementation of their ALS program.

Field Notes

The idea for having a livelihood program for Senior Citizens in Nagcarlan came from the implementation of their Alternative Learning System of DepEd. Initially, it was only intended for the literacy program of the DepEd then it will grow to have the senior citizens be involved in income-generating programs. Furthermore, it aims to build a Shop Corner for what the senior citizens will be able to produce. After having their literacy program, the senior citizens will be involved in trainings like cooking, baking, and sewing. Basically, baking and sewing will be their income-generating programs.

As of now, they have showed me the facilities and the initially produced rags of the senior citizens. As a start, they will sew rags and sell it.

The program is still at the start up stage wherein several trainings are being conducted. The Nagcarlan Senior Citizens Training Center was just recently opened, in collaboration with ABS-CBN’s Failon Ngayon. With this, he mentioned that they started with 12 senior citizens, which had their first passer, Esther Castillo (age 66 years old).

According to one of the spearheading committee member, Mr. Ricardo Callos, their Local Government Unit’s education committee and City Mayor is supportive of this program being implemented for the livelihood of their senior citizens.

Furthermore, they have initiated that the committee members of this program wanted to submit their own articles about the livelihood program.

Existing Policies/Project

  • ALS Program
  • Trainings and Seminars on Technological/Computer Literacy

Areas or Communities Observed

  • Sampaloc Lake
  • San Pablo City Hall
  • Nagcarlan Municipal Hall

 Notes on Observation Sessions

  • The initial plan was to develop a story from the livelihood and cooperatives from San Pablo. But, after further gathering of data, a new story from Nagcarlan came about and recommended by the people in the Senior Citizen Center of San Pablo City.
  • Sampaloc Lake was visited in the hopes that some sectors of the community have built livelihood centers around the place. Unfortunately, only business enterprises were there and cannot be further classified as Social Enterprises.
  • Members interviewed from the Municipality of Nagcarlan are willing to participate. They are the ones who initiated that they wanted to write for Elbi Times. Furthermore, they are very accommodating of interviews.
  • Generally, the people that we have talked to in San Pablo City Hall are very
  • Sprouting from the ALS Program of the Municipality of Nagcarlan, the Senior Citizen Training Center was formed. Therefore, with the formation of the Training Center, the sector of the Senior Citizens will be given livelihood activities related to cooking and sewing. Furthermore, it can be an enterprise since it will generate income for a group of people.

Conversation-based Approaches/Technologies


Locals Nagcarlan Municipal Hall
San Pablo City Hall

Sampaloc Lake

Arrangements The group was able to extract contacts from the Nagcarlan Municipal Hall.
Key Findings There is a group of senior citizens in Nagcarlan that will be having a livelihood program.

The group of senior citizens were formed through the ALS program of the municipality

So far, there are less than 75 slots open for more members

The members of the committee on the senior citizen program are willing to provide articles


Contact Persons

Sangguniang Bayan Councilors (Committee on Education and Culture)

  • Chairman: Hon. Rexon V. Arevalo
  • Members: Hon. Nelia S. Consignado and Hon. Errol A. Dorado

District ALS Coordinator

  • Ricardo G. Callos

Email Address

Facebook account

ALS Nagcarlan

More Notes:

  • Stories can come from the impacts of this program in the empowerment of the senior citizens in Nagcarlan
  • The implementation of ALS and the impact of it in the livelihood of the senior citizens
  • Trainings are being conducted for the livelihood of the senior citizens in partnership with several private institutions
  • Start-up of the shopping corner for the livelihood program of the Senior Citizens
  • ALS advocates of the Municipal Office of Nagcarlan
  • The story of Esther Castillo
  • “Nagcarlan Moves Onward”

Photos during the Field Work

These photos were posted on the facebook account of ALS Nagcarlan, taken during our initial visit to their office.


Here are photos of the Senior Citizens Training Center


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