First Step to Participatory Journalism

“The beginning is always the hardest.” Last week (September 27), our group (social enterprise) was divided into two groups to look for communities that we can feature in our DEVC 126. Adriel and Ayen went to Los Banos Municipal Hall while Yosha, Riz, and I went to San Pablo.

We first went to San Pablo City Hall to ask for the list of livelihoods or association that caters to a certain sector in the community. Luckily, there was a meeting being held by the community leaders of the seven lakes in San Pablo. Then, Ma’am Cristina Abrego suggested the Samahan ng Kababaihang Mangingisda at Bangkera sa Lawa ng Pandin. It is an association that caters for the need for livelihood of women in Pandin Lake. Since my advocacies are for gender equality and women empowerment, I found this association interesting and settled for it to become my community for DEVC 126.

However, this will be a challenge for me because of the location of Pandin Lake and the availability of the members of the Samahan. This course will test my skills in time management, information gathering, and budgeting. Also, the first step for Participatory Development Journalism (PDJ) is hard because unlike the traditional journalism where in we just need to interview and gather necessary documents. In PDJ, we need to encourage active involvement and engagement of our stakeholders in the journalism process. This is also a challenge since we do not have enough time to do so.

Yes, the first step is a challenge but we need to overcome this to proceed to the next step which is to create an article and participatory video for the community. I know that this course will  push me to step out of my comfort zone but I do hope that all of my efforts will be worth it and helpful for my community.


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