Participatory Development Journalism Frameworks

            According to one of our lectures in DEVC 144 (Media-based Learning Systems), there is no such thing as the best medium for learning. It is also the same with participatory development journalism. There is no best framework for all the communities because it will always depend on the stakeholder’s knowledge, skills, attitude, and practices (KSAP) analysis. As Los Baños, Laguna and nearby communities as our stakeholders, here are some of the proposed frameworks.

Stakeholders over facilitators

            In this framework, the stakeholders will be the primary focus. The participatory development journalists will look for experts from Department of Development Journalism (DDJ) and Department Development Broadcasting and Telecommunications (DDBT) of the College of Development Communication (CDC) for news writing or broadcasting. Through their help, people will be trained. Once they finished all the workshops and trainings, the production will start.  The absence of the facilitators does not mean they will not be involved in the whole process. They will only do minimal work. The stakeholders will have most of the “spotlight” during the process.

Community to community

Stakeholders tend not to share their whole story with strangers. This the reason participatory development journalists will meet first with community leaders. They will conduct a focus group discussions (FGDs) about their plans for the production, print, broadcast, or audiovisual. Then the community leaders will conduct their own FGDs in their own barangays. Once the problems or stories of the communities are identified, the community leaders will go back the participatory development journalists. Then they will go directly to the community to build their rapport. The community will write their own stories and the participatory development journalists will edit their works mechanically and substantively. The community leaders will be the bridge connecting the participatory development journalists and the communities in this framework.

Sharing of communities        

Participatory development journalists will go to different communities to gather information. They will decide if the information shared is newsworthy or not. In-depth data gathering will be conducted if the story is newsworthy and if not, participatory development journalists will look for another angle. When the story is finished, different communities will be the audience of each other. In this framework, the decision-making will be made by both journalist and community.

Based on these frameworks, participatory development journalism is a continuing and cyclic process. Every decision will always come back to the stakeholders. They are the said to be the star of the show or the main event. They play a big role in making the story because they will be the primary source of every piece of information. Participatory development journalists will just help in facilitating the whole process.


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